Pixels for Breakfast is an indie-leaning publication that covers the games industry through a development lens. Our team is filled with a diverse roster of creators, from game journalists, to PhD holders, game developers, and players who are obsessed with the mechanical systems behind the games we all love to play.

Pixels for Breakfast was started in 2011 by former MMGN editor Steve Heller, as an outlet to focus on the indie sector of games that were really stretching beyond the endless sea of brown third-person shooters that the Xbox 360 era ushered into our livings rooms. Since then the site has undergone a myriad of changes, from becoming the first Australian partnered Mixer channel, to hosting live shows across multiple countries.

Today Pixels for Breakfast is a collective of creators who are passionate about exploring why games are special.

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If you are releasing a new game that you would like covered on the site, please contact press[at]pixelsforbreakfast[dot]net.

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You can reach out editor via heller[at]pixelsforbreakfast[dot]net.