Twitchbound: A New Adventure Awaits

06 Nov 2017


Alright, I thought it was about time we let this purple elephant out of the room - yes, we're going back to Twitch. Yes, I am aware that we left Twitch just over twelve months ago. Yes, I'm sorry that we're moving the community yet again! However, I promise you all that it is for a good reason, and will only serve to strengthen our community.

Let's get this out there right now. I hold no bad feelings towards Mixer. At the time, Beam was an upcoming shot of lighting in the Live Streaming community, that had killer features, that had an amazing community, that really fit what I wanted to build Pixels for Breakfast into.

The growth we saw from day one was exciting, so we took off down the road to see where Beam could take us. Unfortunately, that ride has come to an end.

It's a simple numbers game - Mixer has far less penetration in the Aussie market, and we make content based on an Australian timezone. Twitch also has a fantastic content manager here locally, who is willing to take the punt on our exciting new content, and get us some great featured slots. It makes sense for us to take this jump.

The good news is that Twitch has certainly lifted their game when it comes to Aussie servers. So far, knocking on wood, our streams have been silky smooth minus my internet dropouts here and there, and we're already getting used to the chat delay!

So for those who came across from Mixer chat and screamed "TRAITOR", this is all I have to say. I want to make good content, content that can reach as many people as possible, and hopefully be shared around, and inspire folks to look at their games in a different perspective. My best shot at doing that is with Twitch, and I hope that you can put these allegiances aside, and join us on the Discord, and in the stream chat!

See y'all tomorrow for a tasty #COOLTEEN stream of Mario Odyssey!

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