Mully joins the team!

05 Nov 2017


This is Seamus Mullins, although most of you on the Discord will know him as Mully. Seamus and I met a year and a half ago. He was a bright eyed games journalist from Adelaide, and I was a grumpy old dude sitting in his rocking chair trying to convince him that games journalism was dead.

We never did agree on that.

Together we have been talking for months about just wanting to make more content together, so now he's here. We'll be doing more blogs - I'm sure you have noticed I've been doing a few new things here and there on this site - and we may even have a new site format on the horizon if our current plans work out, which will be exciting!

So for now, you can expect articles to drop from Mully from time to time. Oh yeah, remember that podcast? It will be starting in the new year, and will be delivered fortnightly as a live chat, followed by a recorded feed a few days later!

So please, give him a tasty welcome!