Just The Tip

Abyss Odyssey – Just The Tip

I’ve never played Zeno Clash before, but I know that when it comes to weird and wonderful games, Ace Team are one of the best developers out there. When I heard that Abyss Odyssey described as a Roguelike meets Smash Bros with a tinge of strategic roleplaying, I was utterly confused. It sounded like something that would be up my alley, so here I bring you Just The Tip.

If you watched the entire thing, you will see my downward spiral into disliking the game immensely. On just my second attempt I made it to the boss, and I was able to rush past most of the enemies. Speaking to the developer since then, I can confirm that this was a bug that has been fixed. Since making this video I’ve sunk several more hours into the game, and enjoyed it immensely, but you’ll have to wait for my review later this week.

If you want to check out Abyss Odyssey for yourself, take a look at the Steam page.

This video is based on a PC version of the game, provided to us by the developer.