Transmigration gives you the chance to try again

Some games give you the shivers just by looking at them. Take a look at Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering in motion, from Polish studio Transhuman Design: it emanates a certain kind of interminable and mysterious kind of sadness. The game describes itself as  an engaging combat-free, narrative-driven and rain-soaked single-player game.

What would you do if presented with the choice to relive your life differently? This is the question Joseph, an old man bound to his wheelchair and full of regret, is confronted with. The man considers taking a trip to the Transmigration Clinic which they’ve opened nearby, a spot that may give him the opportunity to try everything all over again.

Transmigration grew from the need to create something quite different and a bit personal – it’s a game about an unusual friendship, depression, euthanasia, weird dreams and dark humour.” Transhuman says. “We’d like to inspire people and try to push the medium forward a little bit. Whether we manage to do it or not – we’d like to try.”

Transmigration: Into Darkness Peering is due out for Windows PC and Mac sometime in early 2015, with more platforms to be announced in the near future.