Sproggiwood is a Roguelike starring a talking sheep, hits Steam Greenlight

Do you like Roguelikes? How about talking sheep, portals an mischievous forest spirits? If you answered yes to any of those things, chances are you will want to learn more about Freehold Games’ upcoming adventure Sproggiwood. Currently on the Steam Greenlight wait-list, this turn-based, story-driven Roguelike has a certain charm to it that other dark and gloomy Roguelikes are certainly lacking.

Sproggiwood features six classes, procedural dungeons to explore, and promises to tell the tale of a growing civilisation that eventually clashes with a rival to determine true dominance. Seems that outside of all that cuteness, Sproggiwood has a dark side.

If you like what you see, go support the team on Greenlight. Big thanks to Megan Fox from Glass Bottom Games, the lead behind Hot Tin Roof, who brought this game to my attention. Apparently she is involved in the development in some capacity, which makes me more excited to check it out!