Severed is a gesture-based adventure from Guacamelee! devs

Drinkbox Studios established themselves as a daring new development studio with the success of last year’s Guacamelee!. Rather than expanding their success in the 2D sidescrolling genre, their follow up Severed will be a surreal first-person, gesture-controlled adventure game.

Severed features an open world where you will be defending yourself from a multitude of creatures using “natural-motion based mechanics.” Learning the strengths, weaknesses and tells of each enemy will be a necessity, meaning you won’t be able to just flail your arms aimlessly to get yourself out of trouble.

Players will be granted new abilities as they progress through the dangerous world of Severed, along with spells and other upgrades. Instead of these poweres being passed on by a mysterious goat man ala Guacamelee!, our heroine will be lopping off parts of enemies and attaching them to herself. Creepy.

Severed will be arriving sometime in 2015, with no platforms officially announced at this stage. Considering the fact that Guacamelee! was a PlayStation staple last year, we’re willing to bet that a PS Vita and PS4 release will be on the cards. However, given the idea of the game, the Xbox One and Kinect seems like a perfect fit.