Dead Nation shuffles onto PS Vita

Dead Nation, the top-down zombie shooter from Housemarque arrives on the PS Vita today.

The original game was released as a PlayStation 3 exclusive in 2010, presenting players with a never ending zombie apocalypse to contend with. Survivors navigate a dangerous city, destroying hordes of the undead while collecting cash and powerups along the way. Players can spend that cash at checkpoints along the way to upgrade their weapons and armour.

The Vita version will set you back $8, while the Dead Nation: Road To Devastation DLC is priced at $4. Those who already own the PS3 version will get a free upgrade. The title also features cross-platform multiplayer on the PS3, Vita and recently released PS4 version.

Those who want to play with an aspiring zombie hunter, feel free to add Hellerphant to your PSN list!