Trove is a voxel-building free-to-play game from Trion Worlds

If like us, you are sick of waiting for Cube World to update to something a little more exciting, then you may be interested in Trove. It’s a Cube World meets Minecraft from Trion Worlds, the MMO masters behind Defiance, RIFT and numerous other projects. Sure, it looks a lot like the games it takes inspiration from, but it also seems to have a little flair of its own, which could make it a worthy contender.

Trove will be free-to-play and is really pushing the fact you will have a “trans-dimensional home“, which basically means it will follow you across servers and worlds. It means you will always have a castle to sleep in when you are done adventuring with friends.

To us, Trove seems to take the build-what-you-want approach of Minecraft and mashes it together with the RPG elements of Cube World. Considering Cube World still doesn’t have any quests involved, now is the perfect time for Trove to come out swinging and get ahead in the voxel race.

You can sign up for the Trove alpha here. If we get access, we’ll be sure to bring you plenty Just the WIP features for your perusal.