Super Roman Conquest art revamped by Hyper Light Drifter artists

It’s not often that we do this, but Super Roman Conquest from SeaCliff Interactive is just too damn good to let it pass by. The project from ex-LucasArts developers is still seeking $5,000 to make the project a reality, and there are only four days left to pledge.


An interesting development has been announced since we first reported on the project. The art style is being revamped by the artists of Hyper Light Drifter, a successfully Kickstarted project that looks simply amazing. Here’s a taste of what the new art looks like.

We’ll be honest with you. We really want to play this game. We want to cover it from the very first alpha until the final release. We want to see what SeaCliff can turn Super Roman Conquest into. Head over to their Kickstarter page and show your support.