State of Decay Breakdown adds sandbox mode this month

Still waiting for the DayZ standalone? Need something to quench your open-world zombie thirst? State of Decay, the hit Xbox 360 title that eventually made its way over to the PC not that long ago, is about to received its first chunk of DLC. Breakdown will add new achievements, survivors, weapons, but more importantly, disables the “story” elements of the game and lets you roam around in a sandbox world. There is also some festive items to celebrate all the holiday cheer, including a zombie Santa! Not bad for $6.99.

State of Decay launched as a single-player story experience, and the sandbox mode acts as a new game plus of sorts. The map and resources will be changed around to create an eerily similar, yet impossibly harder world to survive in. State of Decay Breakdown is coming to PC and Xbox 360 on November 29.