Starbound beta is “not very far off”

It seems people have been talking about Starbound for an eternity, but finally this 2D “Terraria in space” adventure is almost ready for public beta testing. Lead designer Tiy outlined the structure of the impending beta via the Starbound blog, which he claims is “really not very far off now.

There will be three stages in the beta, currently called Progenitor, Automation and Bio-Organic. As is the standard expectation of early access to video games, the first stage will be buggy, the second phase will be a little nicer, and the final stage will all be about polish.

You won’t be waiting much longer to get your hands on this one. Tiy writes, “it won’t be too long now guys, I just wanted to clue you in on what we’re planning. We’re all pushing as hard as we can to start this up as soon as possible.”

I’d love to receive this one for Christmas. Let’s hope that can happen.