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Major Batman: Arkham Origins patch coming this week to address technical issues

Warner Bros games is working on a ‘major’ patch for Batman: Arkham Origins to address some of the serious bugs players have been experiencing and continue to experience. The team apologizes for the inconvenience and expects to release a patch “within the next week”.

“We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and thank you all for your patience as we work to resolve the issues,” the company said in a statement.

We’re talking about bugs where for example “Continue” no longer shows up in the game’s main menu, Batman falls out of the world in a continuous loop, and the FreeFlow Focus mode does not unlock properly. All very inconvenient indeed.

WB is currently also addressing corrupted saves and crashing/freezing on Xbox 360 versions, but a fix will come later in a future update. “We believe we know what is causing these issues and need a few more days to validate before pushing this patch through,” wrote WB Games.

It appears the developers have their hands full in the coming weeks. Have you also experienced any issues in Batman: Arkham Origins?