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Just The Tip – Risk of Rain

Sometimes you want a hard game. Sometimes you want to have not only your skills tested, but also your sanity. While Heller falls off the deep end in his Rogue Legacy: The Next Generation experiment, I’ve recently had my faith in humanity shaken by Risk of Rain, a brutal Roguelike that gets harder with each passing second. Here’s my Just The Tip preview, where I somehow manage to keep cursing down to the minimum.

So there you have it, another Roguelike featuring pixels, but this one tries to do things a little differently. I’ve been playing it every day since I recorded this video, and I don’t think I will be stopping any time soon.

You can purchase Risk of Rain from Steam for $9.99. You could splurge $29.99 for the four-pack to play with friends, which is definitely something we recommend.

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    “Sometimes you want a hard game.” Haha no way dude. I always want a hard game and this one is pretty damn awesome.