Zelda 3DSXL Console Confirmed For Australia

Nintendo has officially confirmed the new Zelda 3DSXL console will indeed be coming to Australia!

zeldaconsoleBoasting a golden interior with black buttons and a Tri-Force logo on both case covers, the XL certainly compliments the original Zelda 3DS console that came out not too long ago … though by the looks of it this is a much requested matte finish and not the awkward, finger print loving gloss.

Here’s the skinny for those of you thinking ‘meh, it’s just another console’. The Zelda 3DSXL will go on sale for $268, just $20 more than a normal 3DSXL off the shelf. $20 for a colour swap you say? Don’t fret, since that extra cash goes towards an eShop download code for A Link Between Worlds (normally $69.95). Not too shabby, really.

Expect both the Zelda 3DSXL console and A Link Between Worlds to hit store shelves November 23rd, exclusively at EB Games. This little Pixel can’t wait!