Just The Tip

Just The Tip – War Thunder

World War II fighter pilots were crazy. I’m convinced! Who in their right mind would climb into these rickety buckets of bolts in order to serve their country? I recently spent some time previewing War Thunder, the latest free-to-play war simulator to capture my attention. While it was confusing at first, I’m not at the point where I can’t put it down, and I’m seriously considering spending money. I’ll stop blabbing for now, just watch my Just The Tip preview.

Convinced yet? Breathtaking visuals, amazing realism (if you’re brave enough to set it to realistic mode) and a great reason to use your joystick that has been collecting dust. You can download War Thunder for free via Steam, and we may even organise a fun-time Pixels For Breakfast skirmish (aka everyone kill Heller as quickly as possible).