Taxi Journey is back on Kickstarter

First released back in June, Taxi Journey only enjoyed a few days of funding before developer Lexis Numérique withdrew  their project from Kickstarter. Last night, it returned alive and well to the crowdfunding website.

Inspired by the universe of Tim Burton/ Hayao Miyazaki, puzzle/adventure game Taxi Journey certainly enjoys an impressive artstyle similar to games like Machinarium and Limbo. The story focuses on a poor taxi driver named Gino, who has to pedal his car and carry his customers on his back. One day, a strange little girl named Zoe draws Gino into a wild journey that will take him to all the far stretches of the world.

Gino will pedal his car on Kickstarter until October 12, 2013, hoping to gather a funding goal of $130 000. A Windows version being the starting point, further stretch goals will potentially unlock iPad/Android, console and Vita versions of the game. At this point, around $9000 has been pledged already.

For more on Taxi Journey, visit the game’s official website!