Rogue Legacy bringing failure and humiliation to Mac and Linux soon

You know I hate love Rogue Legacy. I’ve been playing that damn thing on a daily basis and failing for your entertainment for over a month now. Cellar Door Games has confirmed in an interview with Joystiq that the Mac and Linux versions of the Roguelite are almost done.

The Mac and Linux versions of Rogue Legacy were outsourced, with the Cellar Door Games team working on a new content patch and getting their business in order. Turns out Rogue Legacy has been kinda popular, and as a result the studio has needed to deal with the business side of things for a while.

Teddy Lee from the studio told Joystiq that Rogue Legacy has sold enough that they can start work on their next project without the worry of financial constraints, but they are yet to decide what the project is.

It was also mentioned that the Mac and Linux versions of Rogue Legacy could be delayed again if they are going to launch with the new patch. As a recent Linux user, I’d love to see it come to my new platform of choice, but until then I’ll just continue making those damn videos and cursing a lot.

Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for a new episode of Rogue Legacy: The Next Generation today!