Hotline Miami: Amazing Fan Film Seeks Support

From the frantic 911 call, to the wet and lonely city streets. “Hotline Miami” may be the best, game to short film, adaptation I have ever seen. I have found few fan film shots as inspiring and simple as the ominous slow zoom, on the neon drenched payphone, in this teaser. Every frame is soaked moist with nostalgia for both the nineteen eighties and the film Drive.

This is not the first time we have seen Hotline Miami in live action, and while I love the developer created launch trailer. This does pose an entirely different and exiting look into this game’s world, with a much higher scope and gorgeous attention to detail.

This is where you come in

Before we get to the stuff you’re sick of hearing about. Let’s take a second to treat ourselves to the pitch video for this project. I have a good feeling you may enjoy it.

Although, there is a catch. They need YOU! Yes, you! They are swiftly approaching their IndieGoGo deadline and I would hate to see such creativity and passion go unnoticed. There are some awesome perks, and if you are a fan of the game, I really see no reason not to love the video they have put together. It does justice to the world, the characters and does not forget it’s roots are firmly planted in a video-game.

It’s not often I get exited about seeing my favorite games translated to live action. Though, to be fair, it’s not often that a group of filmmakers make love to the source material either. So if you can spare the change, consider showing Hollywood how to handle great video-game properties the right way!