Just The Tip

Just The Tip – Papers, Please

I messed up at work. I let a bomber through the checkpoint. They took $25 out of my pay. My son needs medicine, and the heat is off at my class 8 apartment.

This is the sad world of Papers, Please and I feel a little guilty for saying I love it.

Check out my 30 minute Just The Tip feature of this indie hit in the making, which was released a few weeks ago after gathering a cult following throughout development. It’s sad. It’s oppressive. It’s a document fact checking game. It’s unlike anything I have ever played before.

You can purchase Papers, Please from GOG.com, DRM-free for $9.99.

  • hellerphant

    I really love Papers Please. It makes you question your own morality, despite the fact that there is no morality mechanic whatsoever in the game. I wish more developers would take note, because this game provides an emotional roller coaster with limited mechanics and limited progression. Great video Rhys!