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Capcom Goes Ultra On Street Fighter 4

I’m sure a while back Capcom mentioned they wouldn’t be updating Street Fighter 4 after their last editions, Super and Arcade. But we all know that the best secrets are the ones that are saved for special events, and such was the case this past weekend.

During EVO 2013, Capcom revealed the latest (though possibly not the last) upgrade, officially dubbed Ultra Street Fighter 4. But this isn’t a minor rehash, nor is it a quick cash in by the looks of it.

You can expect a total of five new characters, four of which are returning fighters: Poison, Rolento, Hugo and Street Fighter III’s Elena. The fifth won’t be revealed just yet, though it’s expected to be a brand new addition to the growing roster. Exciting!

The previous line-up will also be tweaked in order to balance things out, with six new levels to battle within including the amusingly titled ‘Jurassic Era Research Facility’, which I can only assume is a reference to Street Fighter’s upcoming cameo in Jurassic Park IV … or maybe not.

Here’s the important news. If you already own either Super SF4 or Super SF4: Arcade Edition on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC you’ll be able to purchase the game as a download DLC pack for US$14.99 (God knows what that will become once it hits the Australian store). Otherwise, Capcom will be releasing the entire Ultra set for retail store shelves including all previous content and costume packs for US$39.99.

We will have more on Ultra Street Fighter 4 over the coming months until its eventual release early 2014.