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Just The Tip: Reus

If life is like a box of chocolates, then Reus is the chocolate factory. I’ve never been pulled into the god genre before; Spore pulled me in for a brief moment due to the promise of another Will Wright masterpiece, and I had a passing facination with From Dust that lasted for nothing more than a few days. Reus is different however, this game is truly something special.

Watch out video preview.

Reus puts you in control of four giants, each with different abilities which can help shape the world. You are stranded on a barren planet, and its up to you to provide habitable environments for human settlers. As the game progresses, you will have to deal with the rapid expansion of society, wars against neighbouring settlements, and even uprisings against the giants themselves.

Using the four giants – ocean, rock, forest and swamp – you set forth to create lush landscapes and oceans for your societies to live in. You’ll have the chance to create animals, food, minerals and herbs, and then transmutate those creations into entirely different species.

Each element in the game runs on a symbiosis model, meaning extra perks if certain conditions are met. Placing a blueberry bush within two spaces of a strawberry bush, which you must create by transmutating certain elements, will yield more food and technology for your settlement. It’s an interesting concept, building on the simple mechanics found in Animal Crossing and taking them to the next level.

As your settlements become more advanced, more often than not, they will start to become greedy and wage war against neighbouring towns. It’s up to the giants to decide whether the wars should go ahead, or whether they distribute their own brand of justice using Earthquakes and other natural disasters to wipe out an entire settlement.

That’s where Reus really striked its chord with me, the interaction between the humans and the giants that gave them life. There’s an underlying subtext within these picturesque pixels of the human condition – to destroy everything around us.

If Reus sounds exciting to you, then I’m pleased to report it’s coming out this Thursday, May 16 on GOG.com. You can expect a full review coming next week, when I can eventually pull myself away from the game.

Written by Stephen Heller