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Just The Tip – Don’t Starve

I like hard games. I like games that just throw you in the deep end and allow you to experiment and explore until you become an expert, or until you are totally frustrated. Don’t Starve from Klei Entertainment is hard, it is charming, and it is an absolute delight to play.

This point-and-click survival horror game looks like it was spewed out from the inner recesses of Tim Burton’s mind, which is certainly a good thing. Players fill the role of Wilson, a scientific man who is placed into this crazy world. The basic objective is this: scavenge for supplies during the day, build a fire and survive the night.

Simple enough right? Collecting an assortment of supplies, crafting traps and tools to make life easier, and figuring out where to go next is what makes Don’t Starve so much fun.

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They mostly come out at night…..mostly.

Once nightfall is upon you, the monsters will be out and about. Creeping around in the dark is never a good idea, but sometimes you’ll need to in order to get some supplies, or even find some items that are only available at night. It’s a risk and reward system that is ultimately fun and exciting.

Don’t Starve also demands you put time and effort into scientific duties. Building a science machine and researching new items is a core element to what makes the game so exciting, and gives you a sense of purpose as you literally destroy the world and its resources.

While you’re scavenging for supplies, you will also need to make sure you plant new trees and create a sustainable environment. It’s a cool mechanic, something that simply adds to the experience.

Watch live video from pixelsforbreakfast on TwitchTV

Don’t Starve looks set to be another breakaway hit for Klei Entertainment. It’s wonderous world, dark art style and subtle humour makes it a blast to play. Crafting new items and researching the world is what keeps you coming back for more, and the looming reminder that permadeath could be around every corner makes every move you take feel like it could be your last.

You can pick it up now from this link, which saves you 20%. You also get access to the beta right now, and a second copy to gift to a friend. The full version comes out in April.