The Adventure Apes Review – Charming Platformer With An Old Timey Nintendo Feel

There is something about monkeys that just makes everyone’s inner child grin. It is obvious that ScaryPotato understands that concept, because he has brought to life a charming monkey named Mitch for you to guide through the world of The Adventure Apes. He has also crafted an interesting place to explore full of characters; each with a personality that makes you want to invite them over for a drink.

If the creator of The Adventure Apes was shooting for a fun and whimsical feel, then he hit the bullseye. Everything from the smirk-inducing sound to the vibrant visuals makes me dream of being a kid again. Each character has a comical backstory that you can read about on The Adventure Apes website, but I have to say that I am disappointed from the lack of creative storytelling throughout the game. ScaryPotato has a knack for creating personality, and I think that he could have done a better job with the early stages of the game.

“ScaryPotato has masterfully brought to your computers a game worth playing; especially since you can give it a whirl without spending a dime.”

Although this game can carry its weight in the artistic and musical sense, the mechanics and controls are lacking the originality and smoothness that they need. Flooding your brain with colorful memories is great, but it all comes down to gameplay. It is difficult to step into the world with Mitch Monkey, when the smallest fraction of a second makes the difference between landing softly on a grass-covered platform, and putting bloody holes in your poor little monkey feet as you smash into the spike-ridden cavern floor. Sometimes it’s just too frustrating to let it slide.

The only real qualm I have with the controls is the lack of control you seem to have with the distance that is covered when jumping. It just feels binary: jump too far or fall too short.

Another issue that I mentioned already, is the hole that should be filled with game mechanics that show the player how interesting this game will be. The Adventure Apes includes popular platformer qualities and often seen systems like powerups and health orbs. I would have liked to have experienced a truly unique method of getting that silly monkey to the next level.

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Since it feels a little like I’m bashing the game, I wanted to point out that I’m really just emphasizing something in games that is very important. Even so, having bad controls is not a deal breaker, it’s just something that has to be noted. If you ignore the controls, there is still a deep, flowing story underscored by lots of artistic talent.

Hopefully you haven’t been scared away yet because The Adventure Apes will definitely send you on a reminiscent journey of your Nintendo days, and the music, sound, art, and story will definitely charm your pants off (assuming you are wearing pants of course). No matter what I think about the game, you should all give the game a shot on your own by downloading the free demo.

Final Thoughts

ScaryPotato has masterfully brought to your computers a game worth playing; especially since you can give it a whirl without spending a dime. If you are like me, and put too much weight on game mechanics and smooth controls, it might not be a game for you; however, if you’re in a romantic relationship with creativity and monkeys, then you came to the right place. There is a lot to love about Adventure Apes; don’t let the game pass you by.

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