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Worms Revolution Review – Spicy Revolutionary Sauce

Mes amis, c’est la révolution! The mischievous worms return yet again behind their rocket launchers and gadgets in this newest edition of Worms, an artillery strategy game that has been running for more than a decade on a significant number of gaming platforms. Team17 has put itself to the test again: can it extend the old familiar formula to bring on the great worms’ revolution and revive slimy warfare?

I remember the times I sat playing Worms on my phone for countless hours without remotely worrying about fidgeting with minuscule buttons and looking at a tiny pixelated screen. It was guaranteed warfare fun and Worms: Revolution brings back those good memories. Essentially, Worms: Revolution keeps true to its old roots, and that’s a plus. In a nutshell, you control an army of heavily armed worms and seek to destroy the opposing team of worms who are situated at the other end of the map. By taking turns the player is allowed to move his worms strategically across the map to take out enemy worms using weapons such as a rocket launcher and grenades. Worms: Revolution is still the old school familiar 2D turn-based game, but this time with polished graphics and a mix of new and innovative gameplay elements.

“Whether you’re the aggressive type or the intellectual nutty, your choice of class will affect the way you experience the game.”

The Worms series has always focused on bringing the best out of weaponry and moving your militants around the stage. Next to a great array of chaotic weaponry, namely holy hand grenade (Amen!), concrete donkeys and exploding grandmas, Revolution now introduces the ability to use natural surrounding elements to cast aside your enemies. Take water, for example, which was limited to the bottom of the stage beforehand, it can now be released by blowing-up the environment. If you handle water smartly, you can manoeuver it to fling opponents off ledges, carry them into ditches and slowly, but surely, drown them in pools. Gameplay is not just limited to water physics though. For instance, telekinesis allows players to move physics affected objects around the scene to create strategic positions. The integration of physical elements is a great way to diversify the gameplay in Worms; the environment will be an advantage or disadvantage for either side. Watch your step, or face a wet and slippery ride to your death.

Another important feature is the inclusion of four different classes: Soldier, Scout, Scientist and Heavy. Each class has its own specialties: the scout moves fast around the map but inflicts considerably less damage, while the scientist can provide its mates with better weapons, auto-turrets and health bonuses. Heavy, in turn, is a natural brute capable of breaking bones with a single stroke. Whether you’re the aggressive type or the intellectual nutty, your choice of class will affect the way you experience the game.

Worms: Revolution is a game of charm, personality and humor. It definitely doesn’t lack in witty remarks and dry humor. It’s a shame then that there is an absence of depth in the campaign modus. A missing storyline and difficult AI reduces its potential to make you want to work your way through the singleplayer missions. This and a rather slow build-up quickly put you off the course. Instead my interest drifted to the puzzles which were, yet again, interesting but not so rewarding.

Let this not bother you though. The gameplay in Worms: Revolution still remains one of its kind. While singleplayer is not perfect , the strength in Worms: Revolution primarily resides in the versus and multiplayer modes where you can match up with a maximum of four players. Matches are a whole level more amusing and a little less forgiving. There is nothing better than engaging in heat engulfed battles with a group of friends. Versus mode includes many customization options such as worm appearances, match rules, weapon loadouts, and stage appearances. This gives players the right amount of liberty to mess around and have fun.

Final Thoughts

“These are not your average worms sirs, these are uber worms”! Likewise is Worms: Revolution not an average game either. Considering its price, Team17 has put together a satisfyingly complete package to keep us driving warfare and incinerating worms for quite some time. With the inclusion of water physics, modifiable worm classes, and versus/ multiplayer modes, the worms are back and stronger than ever, presented in a spicy and revolutionary sauce!

Overall Score 85% Must have
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